Why am I getting a PaSER not initialized error.

Make sure you have selected a PaSER method and inputted the correct PaSER key in the Hystar PaSER Key column before starting the run.

I can’t view PaSER when navigating to

PaSER takes a moment to startup and won’t connect right away. Use “” for a more consistent experience. If you’ve waited a long time after a reboot, restart the PaSER box and try again. If the problem persists contact PaSER support (support.paser@bruker.com).

How do I download a fasta database?

Navigate to your database. From there you can click the button next to the filename to download your database.

I ran a quantification but can’t find my results.

The quantification results sometimes appear far to the right of your experiment. Try scrolling the screen to the right.

Where can I find specific experiments in a project?

You can view specific experiments by clicking on your project and then clicking the experiment number you wish to view.

Where do I find my projects?

You can find your projects by logging into PaSER and clicking the projects tab in the navigation bar.

How do I change my User ID and Password?

PaSER currently only supports a single user named “paser”. The password for this user can be changed by, clicking the “Edit profile” from the top navigation bar. Here you can enter a new password, make sure you confirm your password and then click save.

I’d like to learn about all the features of PaSER.

You can check out the PaSER manual here: https://www.manula.com/manuals/ip2/paser/1.1/en/topic/general or visit our Resources page from the top menu.

Is there anything I need to do if I restart the acquisition PC?

No PaSER is an independent system. If you restart the acquisition PC, PaSER should connect automatically.

My PaSER box is not booting correctly.

Make sure there is nothing plugged into the box besides the required ethernet cords and power cord then try again. If the problem persists contact PaSER support (support.paser@bruker.com).

The setup was completed and I still can’t access PaSER.

Please restart the box and wait 5 minutes before trying to access PaSER through “”. If the problem persists, you can contact PaSER support (support.paser@bruker.com).

How do I install PaSER?

PaSER comes preinstalled on the box and the setup should be done by an Bruker field service engineer. If you need to perform the setup by yourself please refer to the quick start guide or reach PaSER support (support.paser@bruker.com) for additional assistance.